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Anta KT Fly - Klay Thompson Series

Anta KT Fly - Klay Thompson Series

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ANTA KT Fly series practical basketball shoes not only adopt a low-top shape design, ANTA also combines the special neckline and heel TPU module, so that this pair of KT Fly practical basketball shoes has the effect of "one pedal", thus facilitating the daily wearing and taking off of these shoes.

   The upper part adopts a high-strength woven upper design to ensure the breathability performance of this pair of sneakers in actual combat. In addition, Anta also designed the exclusive star logo and handwritten signature pattern of Klay Thompson through the hot pressing process on the front foot of the sneakers, so as to highlight the identity of these sneakers as Thompson's exclusive side shoes.

   On the heel, Anta also made a large-area TPU heel design to enhance the stable performance of this pair of sneakers in height movement. The bottom middle position adopts full-palm A-SHOCK cushioning technology. The outsole is made of rubber and supplemented by a water ripple design to enhance the anti-slip performance and grip performance of these sneakers in actual combat.

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